Remnants of Tsar

Session 3

Dwarven Temple of Doom

Discussing what next to do, you guys decide to follow the road north. After several hours of traveling you spot what looks to be two bodies lying on the ground some distance to the east of the road. Seeing nothing else, several of you move up to investigate. Taking your time to examine the bodies you note that both a dwarven and human body lay dead before you. It seems that either they had a quarrel with each other, self mutilated or something attacked them without leaving tracks. Nevak spots some a pair of humanoid tracks venturing off to the east. Moments later several members hear growling sounds close by from the north. Ghoul wolves have come to taste some flesh. Combat ensues and the wolves are no match for the adventurers.

Debating between following the new tracks or continue on the road north to the crossroads then west to tsar. Seems everyone votes for the tracks. Nevak leads to party east easily following the tracks. Hours later a bone storm blows by, but everyone is safe due to the wizard’s magic.

Camp is set up for the night, Nevak on watch duty notices a pack of ghoul wolves slowly creeping towards them. Arrows are fired, destruction magic is unleashed and the wolves are no more.

Bright and early the group continues on following the footsteps. In the distance boulders break the bleak environment that’s been so depressing and bland. Through the haze you spot a frail knight atop a bony horse. The symbol of Muir brazen and marred on its chest. Attempts to hail go awry as the figure charges towards the group intending to do battle. Shouts of confusion and talks of negotiation are eventually forgotten as the unknown knight refuses to yield. The group’s only course is to give him death. Right before he falls, the knight words only a few words. “My memoirs are in the Rat’s Roost”

PIcking back on the trail that now turns north west the party spends the rest of the day crumbling about the bleak weather and these accursed tracks. Almost time before finding a location to set camp, you spot a large whole out on the sand. Curious everyone investigates, looking down near the edge you see that the whole is a small dip to a chiseled stone structure with a 10ft whole. Lancalin slips in the sand and almost tumbles down the whole, holding on to the lip just in time. Everyone makes it down to the structure and several people help Lancalin up. A source of light is tossed down the whole and observations are made. You see a 50 ft drop to a damaged room below. Several pillars can be seen destroyed and are laying astrun about the place. A dwarven stone slab can be seen on the northeastern wall. Webs can be seen all along the walls.

Taking turns, the party decides to descend below and explore. Once everyone is down you find a magical rock atop a dwarven shrine. The dwarf god Dwarfter is carved in the stone. Seems this place was constructed my dwarfs. Talster decides to look around for another passage and tosses a illuminated rock at the base of a 20ft wide passage covered in coat of spider web. Unbenounced to him a huge spider strikes out and bites him. He feels weak from the bite. Almost dizzy from the fangs. The shouts of combat can be heard as everyone scrambles to fight this new threat. Magic, arrows, weapons are all turned aside against this creature. Fear in the minds over several members, the call of retreat is issued. Taslter knowing he won’t make it trys to fight the creature to his last. Everyone makes it out of the pit, with several close calls, where others almost fell. The whole to small for the large portion of the spider to fit through. You hear it hissing in distance at the lack of fleshy morsels that it missed out on.

Lancalin falls to the sand yards away from the spider. He too has been bit and the spiders poison has been working on him. Everyone now decides to move away a safe distance and rest for the night.



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